Skilled Workforce


one of the most important considerations for expanding or relocating a business is a good workforce. Richmond’s young and highly skilled workforce is ready for new business opportunities.

With the proximity of the Texas Medical District in Houston and the Energy Corridor both at a roughly thirty-five minute drive, and downtown Houston only a few minutes further, the workforce that Richmond is able to draw from is truly broad. 

To put it clearly, the laborshed of Fort Bend County is over 300,000, and the Houston region expands that number to more than 1.5 million high quality workers within a 45 minute drive. 


Major Industries in Fort Bend County

Oil & Gas




Financial Services

40.8% of these industry workers have achieved a bachelor's degree or higher with another 6.1% holding an Associate degree. This workforce cohort provides 37.5% of workers with a bachelor's degree or higher with another 6.7% holding an associate degree.