Historic Revitalization

Richmond's historic charm is fully on display in its downtown district. Over 200 years of history meets unique shops, updated restaurants and businesses.
Storefronts downtown

Texas History


"Fort Bend" Settlement Established


Richmond Incorporated in the Republic of Texas

Richmond, although traditionally a small town, is steeped in history. In 1822, a settlement was established by several of Stephen F. Austin's "Old Three Hundred" colonists including William W. Little. The settlement was, however, abandoned fourteen years later as evacuees fled from the Runaway Scrape in 1836.

The following year, in a nearby area, Robert Eden and his business partner William Lusk founded the city of Richmond and incorporated it in the Republic of Texas.

Today you can still find that old-town Richmond charm in buildings such as the John M. Moore house (built in 1883) or Fort Bend County Commissioners Court building (built in 1908). Both are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

A Trip Downtown

Heading north on Second Street, just before you reach the Morton Street junction, you will find to your left a painted mural depicting settlers in covered wagons crossing the Brazos River on the eastern facing side of the Morton Masonic Lodge. The Lodge itself is full of its own history, being named for Stephen F. Austin "Old Three Hundred" colonist and Mason, William Morton, and chartered in 1851.

Turning onto Morton, you will pass Richmond staples such as the Post Office. The Post Office is a unique post office, that while still operating, is under private ownership and houses Enamor Blooms. Enter the small gate to the right of the main entrance of the Post Office and you will find the almost secret passage to Unwine'd Wine & Cheese Lounge.

Downtown Favorites

Richmond's downtown shops and small businesses are part of what give Richmond its unique culture and atmosphere. To learn more about the city's downtown dining options, such as Sandy McGee's and Lone Star Saloon, visit our Revitalized Downtown page.

Richmond Shopping

Dapple Grey Co. Storefront

Dapple Grey Co. Boutique

Dapple Grey Co. Boutique is located right on Morton Street, and offers modern and trendy apparel and accessories with a southern-chic flair for women and girls of all ages.

In addition to their store downtown, they also offer online shopping options.

Treasure Hunter's Gallery Storefront

Treasure Hunter's Gallery

Treasure Hunter's Gallery stands out from the crowd with their storefront display alone. The rustic, antique, and partial body of an old Chevrolet is the perfect prop for a selfie while visiting downtown Richmond. Inside, you'll find a menagerie of groovy clothes and home decor that's just right for the flower child (or flower woman) in your life. You may even get the chance to meet their shop dog, Oakley!