Brazos River Development

Exciting and meaningful progress on a part of Fort Bend County’s landscape that is inseparable from Richmond.
Aerial view of the richmond train bridge over the brazos river

Brazos River Development


Longest River in the US


TxDOT projects in Fort Bend County to widen roads

The Brazos River begins at a headwater source in New Mexico, flows through Richmond, then finally runs into the Gulf of Mexico via nearby Freeport, TX. As the 11th longest river in the US, infrastructural support would allow not only businesses and residents in Richmond, but many in other areas around the river, to continue to thrive.

Road Improvements in Fort Bend County

TxDOT has over 20 projects that are recently completed, currently under construction, proposed, or scheduled for Fort Bend County. Many of these projects are specifically to widen roads to meet the increasing demand for passable roads in and around Fort Bend County as the populations grow and its cities continue to develop.

View current TxDOT projects and find more information here.

Allens Creek Reservoir Project

In June of 2022, the Brazos River Authority purchased rights to the Allens Creek Reservoir Project, located in Fort Bend County to the northwest of Richmond. The project, once completed, "will supply over 100,000+ acre feet of water with the possibility of expansion," according to a statement given to The Fort Bend Star by David Collinsworth, CEO and general manager of the river authority.

The reservoir would provide an additional water source to the region, benefiting all, despite the fact that the Brazos River Authority generally focuses its attention to areas west of Fort Bend.

Project Brazos

The rate of erosion of the Brazos River has been a concern for years following historic rain events in 2015, 2016, and Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

To address these concerns, Project Brazos will take pro-active measures to install toe dike and tie back in the vulnerable areas of the river to protect over $8 billion in public and private assets, including Interstate 69/Highway 59 and multiple neighborhoods.